6 signs that hiring a Virtual Assistant is right for you

The same situation is presented to us over and over, in the form of many different businesses.

A small business owner approaches us to find out if we can help them with their business. They’ve spent quite some time carrying out the majority of business related tasks on their own. They’ve worked long hours building up their business and now all that hard work is paying off and the business is thriving. However, now, they find they’re wearing far to many ‘hats’. They’re struggling to cope, deadlines are being missed and even simple admin tasks are difficult to manage. In short, they’re at breaking point and they’re considering working with a Virtual Assistant to get their life and their business back on track.

Having seen this situation so many times, we feel we can ‘spot the signs’ that show a Virtual Assistant is needed.

You are missing out on business opportunities.

VA Life - iphone in hand
Never miss a call with a VA providing an answer service.

This can happen for a number of reasons. Are you out at meetings and missing calls and messages? Or perhaps you are simply too busy to respond to messages in time and the work is going to your competitors? Either way, having a Virtual Assistant can help as they can answer your calls and respond to emails on a daily basis.

You have to turn down work.

VA Life - stickman door wedge holding open door
Take some weight off you with a VA

You’re struggling to keep on top of tasks that are unprofitable, when really you should be accepting work with higher payouts. You’re getting frustrated at not being able to schedule in work that will earn your business money. There simply are not enough hours in the day.

You’re putting off tasks that you do not enjoy and letting them stack up.

VA Life - don't just stand there book on table
Focus on the things you are good at.

Then when they really need to be done, you find yourself in the office on a Saturday morning, or at 2am! The rest of your family are having a day out, or sleeping, and you’re still working. When was your last full day off?

You can’t keep up with your email account; it’s a complete nightmare!

VA Life - imac ipad and macbook on desk
Let your VA take some of the pressure by monitoring your email.

You may even have more than one email account and it’s becoming a struggle. As soon as you send out an email, another 8 come in and you start to get frustrated, as you can’t get to ‘inbox zero’.

You really want to update the services your business offers, start a new project or run an event.

VA Life - three pocket watches open on a desk
Allow your virtual assistant to give you the freedom to think.

However you’re not sure if you will cope. New projects are possible with a Virtual Assistant on hand to take care of the general running of your business. You would have enough free time to plan any new projects and concentrate on your business.

Business plan? What business plan?

VA Life - iphone on spiral bound notebook
Take stock of your business while your VA is managing things for you.

You’re starting to lose sight of the direction your business was going in and your aims for the year. You’re so involved in admin, that you’ve lost sight of your original mission.

Of course there are many more signs, but these tend to be the ones we hear about the most. We’re happy to chat with any business owners, who feel they are in this situation. Please get in touch, even if you’re not quite at breaking point but would like to plan appropriately so that your business continues smoothly. With a team of experienced UK based Virtual Assistants, we’re confident we can help.

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