Virtual Assistant vs Executive Assistant Cost Comparison

A cost comparison for a full-time Executive Assistant versus a Virtual Assistant

As you are aware, the base salary you pay your employee is only a portion of your real cost. When you include the payroll taxes, benefits, holiday pay, furniture and equipment, office space and training, the real cost of an employee can be over twice their base salary.

Average hourly rate:

Average hourly rate:
Executive Assistant

You will find many online resources that compare the cost savings that a Virtual Assistant (VA) provides versus a full-time employee, but we thought it would be beneficial to offer a more realistic and conservative approach, based on actual facts. With the added benefit of you being able to customise the comparison to reflect your real world costs.

By using the services of a virtual assistant from, all you pay is a set monthly fee. Since our VA’s are our employees, we pay for all of the costs associated with their employment. Our virtual assistants work full-time for you, 40 hours a week. Getting a full-time virtual assistant means no more employee turnover, no lost productivity and no training costs.

VA Life - Think outside of the box

These cost savings only deal with wages. What about all the other costs associated with hiring full-time employees? When employees are “on the clock” what are you really paying for? How many of these unproductive and costly habits do your employees practice?

  • Frequent socialising
  • Running personal errands on company time
  • Prolonged Internet surfing
  • Late to arrive/early to leave
  • Personal phone calls and emails

When you compare the cost of a full-time employee to a virtual assistant using our Start-Up, SME or Enterprise packages, the benefits are obvious.

Teaming up with, will eliminate the burden of these expenses as well as improve cost-effectiveness that will undeniably increase your bottom line.

We stand behind the quality of our services. Your total satisfaction is a matter of personal and professional pride to us.

Hiring an employee may seem like the less expensive option, but are you overlooking some of the back-end expenses attached to having a full-time employee?

The Average Salary of an Executive Assistant

The average pay for an Executive Assistant with Travel Administration skills in London, England: London is £35,737 per year.

*Data correct on date of publication.

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