Must-Read Blogs by WordPress Professionals

Keeping up with the WordPress community is no small task. After all, the platform powers nearly a third of the internet. Developers, designers, and other professionals from all over the world are constantly making discoveries and launching new ideas.

One of the best ways to stay on top of what’s going on is to read high-quality WordPress blogs. Since it started out as a blogging platform, it’s no surprise that there’s a tremendous amount of WordPress-related content online, providing valuable knowledge for users and developers alike.

In this post, we’ll look at excellent blogs that are written by professionals in the WordPress community. Once you have an idea of what’s out there, it’s easier to pick and choose your resources so you’ll get the information that matters most to you. Let’s go!

1. Matt Mullenweg

Let’s get the most obvious blog out of the way first. As a co-founder of WordPress and an accomplished developer, writer, and entrepreneur, Matt Mullenweg has a lot to offer when it comes to online content:

Matt Mullenweg's blog.

This blog is, of course, an excellent source of WordPress-related news. However, Matt also offers up some more personal posts, including a listicle of the books he’s read in the past year and a ‘What’s In My Bag’-style post.

These are fun reads, and they can also provide some valuable insight for your professional life. You may want to pick up a copy of one of the books on work and entrepreneurship that Matt mentions, or check out his suggestions for new equipment.

You’ll also find videos and links to podcasts and other content sources if you want to go beyond the blog to find additional advice and information from Matt. There’s definitely a little of something for everyone on this blog.

2. Chris Lema

WordPress coach, consultant, and public speaker Chris Lema has an impressive track record for helping companies improve their team management:

Chris Lema's blog.

This resource may not seem as valuable if you’re just one person using WordPress for your own site, or a freelance developer. However, Chris’ blog contains several useful articles on e-commerce, membership sites, and other key WordPress-related topics.

This blog will be helpful to those looking for some how-to posts, as well as unique insights into the most recent happenings in the WordPress community. For example, at the moment Chris has a couple of interesting articles up regarding the Block Editor and its impact.

3. Jason Cohen

Founder and CTO of WP Engine, Jason Cohen, has been in the WordPress space a very long time. He’s seen the platform grow and flourish. His blog, A Smart Bear, covers the ups and downs of founding a major WordPress company.

Cohen writes about creating and growing a successful WordPress company. The blog also covers being a leader, how to make decisions, and when to ask for help. It acts as a how-to guide to growing with your business.

The best part is most posts are accompanied by an editorial cartoon created by Mark Anderson, so you learn and laugh.

4. BobWP

If you’re a big WooCommerce user, this blog is for you. BobWP, written and maintained by e-commerce expert Bob Dunn, is all about WooCommerce:

The BobWP blog.

You can certainly find posts related to e-commerce, and even WooCommerce in particular, on other blogs. However, a specialized publication focused on the platform can be a handy resource. You’ll find a host of how-to guides and advice for online retailers here.

Whether you’re brand new to e-commerce or just trying to improve your store’s success, you’ll find a lot of valuable information in Bob’s posts. You can also find links to his podcast, Do the Woo. It’s worth a listen if you’d like a different kind of content to complement your blog reading.

5. Carrie Dils

WordPress developer and consultant Carrie Dils uses her blog to share tips and tricks for WordPress users:

Carrie Dils' blog.

Carrie likes to keep her blog professional for the most part. However, she’s also opened up about her mental health and experiences with burnout, which can be important topics for those in the industry.

On this blog, you’ll also find several how-to guides, on topics ranging from WordPress development to financial planning as a freelancer (and much more). You can also check out her podcast and online courses.

6. Anariel Design

This design-focused blog is a handy resource for less-experienced WordPress users looking for guidance on how to improve their sites:

The Anariel Design blog.

You probably won’t find advanced development techniques or insights on this blog. However, it’s a great starting place for those who are first entering the world of WordPress.

The posts on this blog are largely how-to style articles featuring tips for vital WordPress tasks such as setting up Google Analytics and automating site maintenance. Naturally, you’ll also find information on the custom themes created by the design company.

7. Kim Doyal

Formerly known as The WordPress Chick, Kim Doyal now runs her own consulting and marketing business. She provides guidance for online entrepreneurs regarding content marketing and digital strategy:

Kim Doyal's homepage.

While her content may no longer be as WordPress-specific as it was when she was The WordPress Chick, there’s still a lot to learn from following Kim’s blog. After all, WordPress is primarily a platform for online publishing.

This blog’s useful posts on content strategy and related topics can help WordPress users of all experience levels improve lead generation and conversion rates. You can also look into Kim’s podcast for more advice and tips.

8. Rich Tabor

For developers, this blog provides some more advanced articles on development techniques and ideas:

Rich Tabor's blog.

Additionally, it includes a lot of recent posts on the Block Editor and the blocks system in general. If you want to start developing new blocks or similar tools, this blog could come in handy.

You’ll also find information about Rich’s themes and plugins here. If you happen to use Tabor, CoBlocks, or another product by Rich, it may be smart to keep this blog on hand as a resource. Rich recently sold several of his projects to GoDaddy, so it will be interesting to see where those products and his blog go in the future.

9. Tim Nash

Developer Tim Nash refers to his blog posts as ‘rants’ on WordPress, e-commerce, digital marketing, and other related subjects:

Tim Nash's blog.

If you enjoy a more laid-back feel when it comes to your online content, you’ll find that here. However, Tim still provides valuable and useful content for developers, in the form of articles on how to accomplish specific tasks.

You’ll also find posts on mental health for developers, WordPress community events, and WordPress Leeds (the local user group Tim manages). All in all, there’s a lot to dig through on this blog.

10. Tom McFarlin

In case you haven’t seen enough blogs written by WordPress developers, here’s another one for you. Tom McFarlin is an excellent blogger, on top of being an accomplished developer:

Tom McFarlin's blog.

Tom writes engaging posts on development skills, blogging, and WordPress community events. He allows for a fair amount of personal and professional crossover on his blog, so you’ll get a more laid-back reading experience on his site.

This is the only site on this list that explicitly states that its content is geared towards bloggers. Therefore, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re interested in starting or improving a WordPress blog.

You can also check out Tom’s podcast, as well as his work at Pressware, the small business he owns and operates. There you’ll find more tips and tricks, as well as WordPress solutions for both individual users and small businesses.


Last but not least, Nile Flores is a successful WordPress developer and designer. Her website,, is an excellent resource for intermediate WordPress users looking for ideas on how to improve their own sites:, Nile Flores' website.

There’s a good mix of subjects covered in Nile’s posts, including blogging, design insights, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips. She’s also covered several WordCamps, and shared some interesting opinions about the platform.

If you’re taking a ‘DIY’ approach to your website and want to keep it looking professional, you’ll find a lot of helpful information on this blog. It may be less useful for more advanced users and developers, though.


When it comes to WordPress, there’s a lot to learn. Whether you’re trying to keep up with community news, learn new development skills, or pick up some tricks for improving your site, WordPress blogs can be an excellent go-to resource.

In this post, we explored must-read blogs by WordPress professionals, including staples like Matt Mullenweg’s site. We also looked at developer-centric publications such as Tom McFarlin’s blog, and more intermediate posts from Anariel Design and Kim Doyal.

Do you have any questions about WordPress blogs and who to follow? Let us know in the comments section below!

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