Primary SEO Factors in WordPress Theme Development

There is always a lot of buzz around the SEO-friendliness of the WordPress themes. Many people in the community are putting effort into making WordPress websites the most easily searched around.

WordPress powers over 30 percent of the web, and that number could grow if every user focuses on SEO.

If you are new to WordPress Theme Customization though, you will have to make yourself familiar with some factors that play a very important role in the SEO-friendliness of your WordPress website.

Why take care of SEO on your website?

Your WordPress theme should be very much conducive to the research being done by your target audience on the search engines. Your website should be crawlable so that it can find the right audience at the right time.

If you focus on your theme development as well as your Plugin Development there is unlimited possibility of getting noticed by Google. The more people that can find your site the more products you will sell.

Factors that affect the SEO and ranking of WordPress website:

1. Keywords are one of the very best and effective factors that need to be taken into consideration. Make sure you take time to research them thoroughly before beginning to create content on your site.

2. A website structure is also responsible for excellent SEO of the website. It should be streamlined and well-planned according to the SEO strategies of a website. So, a professional WordPress theme customization company would be of much help to do these things.

3. Content and keywords won’t do much good to the SEO of the website until you take care of the ALT tag of the images and other visual content. Optimization of metadata of every WordPress website is incredibly important for getting noticed.

Don’t forget to take care of the SEO testing before the website is launched.

It’s not just the content that needs to be taken care of but keywords and visual data also. But, remember SEO also includes the site security and clean coding. It starts from the development stage itself and extends itself to plugins and keyword-optimization of the website.

It may seem to be an uphill task in the initial stages but don’t panic. Also, take note of the speed optimization of the website as it plays a major role.

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