Instagram Insights to Enhance Your Web Design Acceptance and Reach

Instagram is admired worldwide as being synonymous with online imagery. It was a fresh new concept in social networking when it was introduced, and it also changed the way businesses approach the internet, and in turn their target audience.

This innovative image-based social network platform now shared many valuable lessons regarding how companies need to devise their online marketing strategies and website design. Let’s have an insightful overview of how an ideal business website design should be in light of its parity with Instagram.

The quality of images

It is rightly said that a perfect image can say a thousand words. So, any business maintaining a website should now focus primarily on displaying only high-quality and relevant images on their pages, which their target users can easily comprehend and respond positively.

The successful business owner is now keen on including original photography in websites, which personalizes well with the needs of the users and takes advantage of the value associated with perfect online imagery. Originality and relevance are the primary considerations web designers need to take regarding using online images. It is essential to practice this caution while choosing images for the social media platforms and landing pages too to be in tune with Instagram shareability.


The minimalist approach is the new trend in web design. A cluttered site is not only unattractive but also will adversely affect the page ranking by taking a lot of time to load and being less user-friendly. A minimalist design approach will succeed here by avoiding any distractions to a straightforward user experience. New age web users are very impatient as they want to get the information they look for instantly. So, it makes sense to design a clutter-free and straightforward site.

Instagram and web design

The psychology behind Instagram is its attention-grabbing way of by showcasing businesses and individuals around the world. So, you need to have a keen eye on imagery and presentation on your website too to impress the users who are tuned to the way how the social media sites like Instagram works.

Gaining more exposure

Instagram is also worth in getting included in website design to drive in the real Instagram followers, especially if you are developing a business website. With this inclusion, Instagram will help expose your site and business to the entire world, and unlike the conventional modes of advertising and traditional promotional techniques, you can have access to the content and change anytime or edit it anytime from anywhere.

Instagram will work as another platform to connect you with the potential target group people without any restrictions. It allows you to share a message instantly with the users and also create an always changing visual appeal to the target audience. In the minimum budget, you will be able to maximize your reach and acceptance through Instagram.

Gaining consumer insight

Instagram web analytics capabilities will give you a clear insight into how your prospective consumers behave online and what they expect from you. It enables the business owners to gain a clear insight into what your prospective customers want and how to devise your promotional strategies accordingly. Proper analytics help you also to track the performance of Instagram posts and give you a clear understanding of what to focus more and what to be taken lightly.

Solidifying online presence

The Internet is a vast platform and now acts as a virtual shopping hub, on which every business may face very tight competition. To tackle this, it is not just presence, but clear visibility and capacity to attract more potential traffic towards your site.

People should instantly recognize your brand. Similar to landing on your home page, they also should be able to visit your Instagram account and get relevant information as to what they seek for to take better purchasing decision. Moreover, a substantial presence on social networks like Instagram can surely add more value to your repute than what a stand-alone, self-made website can do for you.

Driving in traffic

The primary requirement of any online promotional strategy is to bring in more traffic to your business page and also get more conversions through it. Being well presented on Instagram will surely attract more potential consumers and on doing it smartly, you will be able to convert them into prospective customers on the go. A lot of research has shown that Instagram (if handled correctly) can help increase website traffic up to 50% over time.

So, website maintenance and Instagram account need to go hand-in-hand to enhance the performance of your brand online. We will discuss more tips and tricks to use Instagram for business promotions in the forthcoming articles.

Harris Scott

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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