10 Must Have WordPress Plugins And Tools For Business Sites

WordPress is an amazing tool for businesses. One of the things that makes the CMS a powerful digital experience is plugins. With these tools, you can do almost anything to make your site unique. Try these 10 plugins and tools to help you make the most of your WordPress site.

  1. WP Forms

This tool is designed to help you create forms that you can place anywhere on your site. They can help you create polls, payment forms, order forms, and more. It’s very beginner friendly, so even if you’re just getting started you’ll be able to get the most out of it. Most of the forms use drag and drop features, so you’ll find it simple to put together custom forms in no time at all.

  1. Australian Reviewer

The content you post on your site is more important than you’d think. You need to ensure that it’s totally polished at all times, as it’s the first impression you’ll give to a lot of readers. That means that your content should be edited well. If you’re not sure how to do it, or you don’t have time, this service can handle it for you.

  1. Backup Buddy

Nothing is worse than losing all of your work. “You think your website’s secure, but anyone can be the victim of an attack or a simple server malfunction,” says professional content writer Gary Underwood from Revieweal. “Backing it all up means that you can get it back again, even if the site goes down entirely.” This tool backs up your site, and makes it easy for you to bring it back up should you need to.

  1. Yoast SEO

Your SEO is vital, and this tool makes it easy for you to keep on track. You can manage the SEO for the site as a whole, or on a page by page basis. A traffic light system can help you understand if your SEO is up to scratch before you hit publish.

  1. Jetpack

Many business owners swear by this plugin for WordPress. It performs several different functions, that all help you run your page more effectively. The page stats help you see who’s coming to your site and when helping you get a picture of your audience. There’s also site tools that help you improve the speed and performance of the site, which is vital for SEO.

  1. WooCommerce

As a business owner, you’re more than likely going to need a way to sell through your website. WooCommerce offers a complete, professional package. “It’s very simple to use, and creates a buying experience that all customers can use with ease,” says site developer Ami Dearson from UK Services Reviews. “I’ve used it on several sites, and it’s cut down on time spent setting sales options up considerably.”

  1. OptInMonster

If you want to generate leads through your website, this is the best way to go about it. You can create leads by asking users to opt into your email newsletter through this plugin. It’s a simple and easy way to stay in contact with your customers and keep them coming back to you.

  1. UK Services Reviews

If you want to bring in readers, and more importantly convert them into customers, your SEO needs to be spot on. As a beginner though, you may not even know where to begin. This is where this service can step in and help you. Hire them to edit your content and optimize it for SEO. With their know-how, you can start bringing in those customers.

  1. KeyCDN

If you’re losing visitors as soon as they hit your page, it could be because it’s taking too long to load. Customers are flighty, and if they have to wait too long for you, they won’t hang around. If you want to keep them on board, this is the tool for you. Install it on your site, and it will help speed up the load time by delivering your static files for you. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.

  1. Buffer

Your audience will always be coming to your site at different times, so you’ve got to make the most of that time frame. The best way of doing so is by using this tool. You can create posts and set them up with it, so it’ll release them at just the right time. That means that they’ll see them at just the right time.

These ten tools are designed to create perfect business sites, that reach their intended audience easily. Give them all a try on your WordPress site, and look at the difference they can make to you.

Rachel Summers

Rachel Summers is a social media manager and has been working with both large and small companies for seven years, helping them create social media strategies. These companies include Student Writing Services, a custom writing service. In her spare time, she works with start up companies to help them get ahead online.

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