VA Phone to Launch May 11 at Office* 2016

Many of us in the past, at one time or another have handed out our own personal number when starting up a business, because it was easy and quick.  But now with the amount of sales calls bombarding people on a regular basis, an individual is more reluctant to hand out their direct number, unless they know the person.  So how do you obtain a different number and avoid calls that you don’t wish to take?

The answer is, acquire a masked landline phone number to your mobile or home through VA Phone.  It’s a simple way for any Virtual Assistant to connect with businesses, but not have to change their personal number.  Instead you can choose a Freephone or Geographical Number that suits you, giving a local and national presence for your Virtual Assistant business.

VA Phone services enables you to have:

  • Calls forwarded to your phone, whether it be a landline or mobile from anywhere
  • Voicemails emailed to you – listen to them online or on your mobile
  • You can record your own greeting or upload one as you do with your mobile. When you receive a call, press 1 to accept, 2 to divert to voicemail or 3 to hear the caller’s phone number

Animation of VA Phone sending SMS

Just some of the advantages of using VA Phone:

  • Improve the professional appearance of your VA company
  • Know who’s calling before accepting the call
  • Freedom to work from any where

Having a virtual office has its daily challenges but using VA Phone enhances your freedom to work from anywhere.  Whether you are at home or out and about, your calls can be forwarded to your mobile, office or landline.

VA Phone will be launched on the 11th May at the Office* Show 2016 along with other products built by the team at my VA company. If you would like to be invited to the beta programme with discounted prices please provide your email at

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