Increase Work-At-Home Employee Productivity

If you let your employees work from home you’re not alone – with more than 4m people in the UK now working flexibly, an increasing number of firms are embracing the practice.  It makes sense.  Today’s technology means it’s easy for people to keep in touch with the office wherever they are.  We just call in via Skype, or edit that document in the cloud.

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We’re busier these days too (or at least we feel like we are) – so we crave a better work-life balance.  Cut the commute and make time for family, friends, that doctor’s appointment.  So setting up a working-from-home policy can be good for business.  Its benefits can include:

  • Improved staff recruitment and retention
  • Motivated, productive employees
  • Reduced sickness absence
  • Cost savings on rent and car-parking spaces
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But, of course, there are concerns too – that, with the absence of any on-site management, remote employees could:

  • Abuse the policy
  • Not work a full shift
  • Struggle to stay motivated

Here are some top tips.  Why not give these handy hints to your home workers?  It could improve their productivity at work.

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Better productivity when working from home – three things you can share with your employees:

  • Get some new wallpaper up – did you know blue and green colours are linked to higher productivity?
  • Take a break – micro-breaks (from 30 seconds to five minutes) can improve your thinking.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature – 21-22.5 degrees Celsius is the optimum for productivity.

If you would like to increase your productivity then let’s have a conversation to see what tasks we can take off your hands.    Our team of professional virtual assistants are ready to assist you in focusing on your core business activities.  We can be contacted on 0800 011 9408 or you can request a call back from one of our staff members.

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