WP&UP to Bike to WCEU 2020

WordCamp Europe is currently one of the biggest WordPress events in the world. Bringing together people from around the globe to connect, develop, and support the CMS that now powers over 30 percent of the web. Earlier this year for WCEU 2019, it was not only a time to learn and network but an excuse to help other WordPress community members. Marcel Bootsman walked 718 km from his home town to the venue to raise money for Donate WC, an organization that supports individuals to attend WordCamps. 

This year at WCEU, several members of the WP&UP team had the opportunity to attend and help spread the word about the mission of the registered non-profit; to support and promote positive mental health within the WordPress community. Inspired by Marcel’s challenge, the #HeadToWCEU project for 2020 was born. 

A journey of over 3,000km

A team from WP&UP plan to cycle – yes, on bicycles – from Germany to Portugal – to arrive in time for WordCamp Europe 2020. That’s a journey of over 3,000km, leaving the 2019 venue in Berlin, and heading to the 2020 site in Porto. The team has just 30 days to travel across six countries. They also plan to stop along the way and join local WordPress meetups as they go.  

The intention is to raise awareness of positive physical and mental health within the WordPress community, while also raising funds to provide much-needed support for the charity.

Start conversations around mental and physical health

WP&UP is an organization dedicated to improving the mental and physical well-being of WordPress community members worldwide. The team offers a wide variety of free support from online chat services, to business mentorship, and physical health advice. The ride is a chance for the registered non-profit to raise its profile and start conversations around mental and physical health in the WordPress space. 

In the coming months leading up to the event, the team will be sharing personal development stories, physical health plans, nutritional advice. They will also be participating in multiple activities to raise awareness of the #HeadToWCEU project. Be sure to catch them in the coming months as they film live updates along the way, as well as filming the entire experience for a documentary.  

HeadToWCEU Crew Chief

Torque’s Doctor Popular had the opportunity to talk to #HeadToWCEU Crew Chief Carole Olinger about the experience: 

People are encouraged to follow the journey as well as donate to the charity along the way. There are many opportunities to support the WP&UP project. You don’t have to get on a bike to do so. 

However, if you like the idea of joining the team as they cycle across Europe, you can register your interest to become a part of the team and potentially ride along with them. 

WP&UP is delivering free support

WP&UP is delivering free support into the global WordPress community, this comes at a cost. To-date WP&UP has given over 7,500 hours of support free to community members. They have run more than 115 in-person events to help reduce social isolation, with more than 6,300 community members registering to attend. For this to continue the team are looking for great companies within our space to partner with. If that’s you or your company, they’d love to hear from you. This is a unique project that will see a massive amount of development in the coming months.

Come back for updates along the way. Use #HeadToWCEU to wish the team luck on social media.


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