The Best 4 CRM Integrations For Improved Sales and Happy Clients

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the biggest software market in the entire world, and it’s expected to grow to $80 billion by 2020. 

It’s no secret that CRMs are powerful tools for both sales and marketing teams. They provide powerful data features to manage customers and engage them at the right moment. 

However, many CRMs are not all-in-one solutions on their own; if you aren’t seeking out integrations, you are missing out on tons of automation and essential data. 

Here are the best CRM integrations you can connect today to improve your sales and keep your clients happy. 

1. PandaDoc – Best Sales Document Generation Tool

CRMs are incredibly powerful when it comes to reaching out at the right time. Most CRMs can give you direct insights on your clients and if they are ready for a sales proposal. 

But, generating those documents, sending them, following up, getting them signed, and then updating your CRM contact info is a pain. There are too many steps, which leaves a lot of room for error. 

This is why I love PandaDoc to handle contract generation and automating the contract process. 

Using PandaDoc, you can generate a contract document based on CRM user data. Once your potential client (or existing one) sees and approves the document, they can electronically sign it on the spot. PandaDoc will then relay that information automatically in your CRM, updating your client information for you. 

It’s full-scale contract management that works in harmony with your CRM for smoother sales and reporting.  

Whether your preferred CRM is Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, or any other, PandaDoc integrates with it to help you generate sales documents and get them signed and approved ASAP. 

2. Dropbox – Collaborate and Share Files Securely

Sharing and collaborating on files and documents is probably something you do more often than you’d like to. While it is not very exciting, it is essential to a well-oiled business. 

Whether it’s editing terms and conditions or secure data between you and your clients, having a good system to do this that integrates with your CRM is critical. That’s where Dropbox can help you improve efficiency for both your team and your clients.

With Dropbox and your CRM, you can sync files, collaborate within your CRM, and securely send documents to contacts to review, all without leaving the CRM itself. 

This ensures the right team members and the right contacts can have access to edit and read your files. Dropbox integrates with leading CRMs like Salesforce, Nimble, and more.

3. Intercom – Turn Leads into CRM Contacts Via Live-Chat

Live-chat is more than just a support channel now. Now, it’s a way to connect with visitors that land on your site, qualifying them almost immediately. Using live chat, you can converse with website visitors to understand why they landed on your website and how you can solve their pain points. 

In addition, live chat is a fantastic way to quickly turn visitors into contacts for your CRM. Instead of hoping that they engage on a lead magnet and fill out a form, you can speak directly with them, increasing your chance at converting them. 

Intercom is one of the most popular live-chat tools out there, and it integrates directly with big CRMs like HubSpot. 

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As you capture and qualify leads with Intercom on your site, you can automatically send those leads as new contacts in your CRM. Complete with each lead is a customer journey that shows web pages they have visited, lead activities, and past conversations. Using this data in your CRM can help you understand when to reach out and with what marketing message. 

Intercom also features chatbots, which you can utilize to put your entire lead to contact strategy on autopilot. 

Conversational marketing is here to stay. Looking to collect more contacts and automate the lead process? Integrate Intercom with your CRM today. 

4. AdRoll – Run Targeted Campaigns to the Right Contacts

Running targeted ad campaigns is likely already a part of your marketing and sales strategy.  Collecting leads and engaging with them over time requires good marketing, and therefore, good ads. 

One major problem is managing those ads and ensuring only your target contacts receive them. Sometimes the data doesn’t sync, meaning you have to manually go back and enter data on how customers respond. 

Enter: AdRoll.

AdRoll integrates with any CRM, allowing you to run targeted campaigns to your contacts within your CRM, automatically updating user data based on how they respond and engage. 

AdRoll works by integrating to your CRM and pulling contact lists to use for targeted ad campaigns. When you update contact lists in your CRM, they get refreshed in AdRoll, too. No more wasted time on manual data entry. 

Plus, AdRoll allows you to advertise on more than just one platform. For instance, instead of just Google Ads, you can manage social platforms, Google, and more. 

Connect AdRoll and your CRM to boost the efficiency and conversion rates of your paid advertising strategy. 

Final Thoughts

Using a CRM on a daily basis, you know how impactful it can be for marketing and sales. 

Having the correct, updated data at the right time improves both efficiencies on the back-end and sales on the front-end. 

So, why not supercharge it? 

Connect some of these top integrations to your CRM today to improve everything from contact management to social media: 

  • PandaDoc for sales documents
  • Dropbox to manage and collaborate 
  • Intercom to turn your website leads into CRM contacts
  • AdRoll to run more targeted and efficient campaigns

What are some of the best CRM integrations you love? 

Dustin Howes is the owner of Coalition Marketing, an affiliate marketing agency developing innovative techniques in publisher recruitment. Dustin has created an online course that coaches affiliate managers to prioritize time, recruit the right affiliates, and develop deeper partnerships.

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