Mistakes That Developers Make When Developing WordPress Sites for Small Businesses

Small businesses simply can’t afford to make mistakes when building a website. These mistakes can cost a substantial amount of money and time. Even though most developers are experts in their field, they can unknowingly make mistakes, which can become bigger problems if they are not dealt with in time. Even if you utilize the power of big data to articulate the content of your website, one simple mistake during the development process can affect the website in many different ways.

If you know your way around WordPress, albeit not in the same capacity as the developer you have hired, you can make the whole process simpler. Not only can mistakes be avoided, but your developer will complete the project with meticulous attention to detail. Essentially, you will get the results you want, without falling too deep down the rabbit hole.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some mistakes developers often make when developing WP sites in order to avoid them.

Failing to Backup Websites Regularly

Backups are insurance for your site in case something goes horribly wrong. You may think everything is going great, but things can go sideways quickly and having a contingency plan can save your business from a lot of trouble.

It is imperative that you back up your site regularly to avoid running into a wall. For instance, if a hosting payment does not go through, your site will disappear for good. If you were backing up your site, you will have nothing to worry about, but if you weren’t, you will be in quite the fix.

If creating backups manually is proving to be troublesome, consider opting for a managed hosting provider that creates backups for you automatically. If you are not getting this kind of service from your current hosting provider, then use plugins like Backup Buddy. Apart from creating a database and full site backups, you can automate the entire process with one click using plugins.

Downloading Too Many Plugins

Plugins may seem like a great way to solve many of your problems associated with developing a WordPress site, but the general rule to follow here is that is less is more.

The problem with installing too many plugins is that they could clash with one another. These conflicts could pop up without any reason. Just because plugin #1 and plugin #2 are working great, doesn’t mean that introducing a third will not ruin everything you have worked on.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid using plugins that have not been tested with the version of WordPress you are using, which by the way should be up-to-date at all times.

Creating Easily Guessable Credentials

When your website is finally up and running, once it has gained traction and popularity, there is always going to be somebody who will try to rain on your parade. So, if you plan on using the default WordPress credentials, don’t!

If you think changing the username will not make a difference, as you will be more susceptible to attacks.  There is no shame in admitting you did not change your WordPress username or password, but what is important is you change it immediately. Always go with a password WordPress deems “secure,” and make sure everyone else that has access to your site does the same.

Uploading Large Sized Images

Just because you can upload 10MB images does not mean you should upload them to your website. The larger the size of the images you upload, the longer it will take to load. Simply put, such visual assets will bog down your website.

Avoid uploading billboard-sized images to your website, as in the end, they will appear smaller than what you would expect. Though it might feel like a hassel, spend a few minutes to optimize the images you plan on uploading, it will be worth it.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you are working on WordPress on your own, or you have hired a developer to take care of the development of your site for you, it is necessary for you to educate yourself about the entire process. Don’t do it just because it is a formality, but because you could help identify issues and make the necessary tweaks to improve your site’s efficiency. Additionally, it also ensures that nobody makes a fool of you.

Sohail Rupani is a senior SEO strategist at PNC Digital, an Orlando Web Development Agency. He specializes in SEO and SEM techniques. He is passionate about technology and loves to analyze the tech industry in his spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings. He also writes technical articles about SEO and digital marketing. Follow @sohailrupani for more updates.

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