Six Reasons WordPress is Gaining Popularity

WordPress is undeniably the biggest and most popular content management system (CMS) available.

It owns 50-60% of the global CMS market share, and powers 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world. That in itself explains why world-renowned companies like The New York Post, CNN, TED, and Time run their huge websites on WordPress. The legitimacy and reliability of WordPress is, clearly, concrete.

So why is WordPress so popular to begin with?

It’s affordable

The biggest reason for its unrivaled popularity is its price tag, which is non-existent. The applications of this platform are limitless, and the no-fee factor only magnifies its potential. The availability of this resource for anyone and everyone makes it a sure choice for any kind of consumer, be it someone who just wants to start their own personal blog or a company looking to launch an e-commerce website.

Although WordPress itself is free, you have the option to pay for premium features like commercial themes and plugins besides the 4,500+ free ones. The other cost in WordPress is the web hosting and domains that are paid features, but these rates are close to negligible.

It’s open source

WordPress isn’t just affordable, it’s also completely open source. That means the source code is easily edited and manipulated according to the needs of the user, allowing for even greater levels of customization and personalization. Users can make whatever kind of website they want as well as redistribute it however they want.

The incredibly supportive WordPress community allows for even more improvements between users and accommodates easy integration. Win-win.

Ease of use

A major advantage of jumping on the WordPress express is the ridiculously user-friendly interface. The entire hassle of making a new website is simplified down to a task of a mere few minutes. The entire website design is now completely accessible with just your mouse and a completely organized UI that doesn’t even require a high level of coding or HTML/CSS know-how.

With the inclusion of Gutenberg into core, the design process is even easier. Using blocks you can get a site up and running in minutes.

People can now create and manage their websites on their own, with minimal web developing knowledge and the convenience of not getting their hands dirty in hours of deep coding, and it’s all still free.

A Variety of Themes

All of those impressive websites from big corporations with flashy frames and smooth textures seem like a nightmare endured by the web designing teams responsible, but that’s no longer the case with WordPress. There are literally tens of thousands of readymade, beautiful themes that are available for the general public for absolutely no charge.

Moreover, there are thousands of paid, commercial themes made by professional web designers and talented part-time coders that offer exceptionally creative ways to embellish your website. The endless potential for creativity in web design owes thanks to this never-ending plethora of amazing visual frameworks.

Themes allow websites to be designed to suit specific purposes too, such as an online leather jacket shop designed by a professional ecommerce website design company that uses multiple artsy and photographer-style layouts for their e-store website to showcase their products and lead them to purchase links simultaneously.

There’s a theme for every kind of website, accommodating every purpose or style imaginable, giving the users more power than ever before.

Thousands of Plugins

The capabilities of WordPress are already amazing, to begin with. Add the near infinite functionality that plugins have to offer to websites, and you have a completely customizable experience.

Plugins essentially allow the user to augment their websites with different processes, like SEO, analytics, social media integration, and caching, just t name a few. The available range of plugins is both large and extremely diverse, giving users even more power in governing their websites exactly as they want to.

These plugins are both autonomous and independent. That means they can be used in different combinations and updated or interchanged without disturbing other functionalities.

This incredible pool of plugins is constantly being updated and incremented with new plugins that offer new functionalities as well as updates on pre-existing plugins by other developers.

The entire arsenal of features that are at the disposal of WordPress developers gives it the versatility that goes unmatched among its competition. You can quite literally make any kind of website you can imagine, make it look however you want it to, make it serve whatever purpose one can logically expect from a website. A blog, a magazine, or an e-commerce web-store, you can make anything, and it doesn’t have to cost you a single cent.

Multi-site compatibility

Already a country mile ahead of most other CMS competitors, the multi-site capability of WordPress allows users to make and manage multiple websites on a single WordPress installation.

Furthermore, you can even create a network of sub-domains and create multiple accounts for multiple users to access these websites. The new feature establishes a Super Admin that has access to the root site, which in turn makes managing multiple sub-sites with the same plugins/themes even easier.


WordPress is easily the best option for a content management system among many others. The fact that it lets even amateurs design brilliantly beautiful websites is enough to attract people to this user-friendly and versatile platform.

Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2.

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