Doc Pop’s News Drop: Wapuu Dashboard Pet

Doc Pop’s WordPress News Drop is a weekly report on the most pressing WordPress news. When the news drops, I will pick it up and deliver it right to you.

In this week’s News Drop, we talk about Wapuu Dashboard Pet, a cute little plugin that’s like mochipet-for-WordPress. We also talk about this year’s Plugin Madness competition and the release of WordPress 5.1

Love WordPress news but hate reading? My name is Doc and this is Doc Pop’s News Drop.

If you love plugins, be sure to nominate you favorite WordPress plugin for our upcoming Plugin Madness competition. Each year we take 64 plugins and put them in a bracket style competition to determine a winner. But the plugins come from nominations from people like you, so go to to nominate your favorite.

Speaking of downloads, have you heard of Wapuu Dashboard Pet by Wapuu Dashboard is a virtual pet for your WordPress admin page. Like a mochipet for site owners! If your WordPress site has out of date plugins or themes, you’ll see a sad Wapuu whenever you log in. Just staring at you. Sickly.
With a little cough. So sad.
But if you keep your site to up to date, you’ll be greated by a cute little wapuu yes you are. Yes you are!

While you are updating your site, remember WordPress 5.1 has just been released. This new version, nicknamed “Betty” in honor of the famous singer Betty Carter, includes some big new features and a lot of polish.

Site Health is a new feature that warns administrators if they are using outdated versions of PHP. It’s like a Wapuu Dashboard Pet, without Wapuu. Awe, Wapuu.

Version 5.1 also includes improvements to the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress, smoother typing and a quicker start.

That’s it for this week’s News Drop, remember to nominate your favorite plugins on and we’ll see you next week.

Doctor Popular is an artist and musician living in San Francisco. As a full disclaimer, he is neither a doctor nor popular.

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