How to Choose the Best Color Palette For Your Blog

Have you ever wondered why many blogs struggle to get traffic while others just go with the flow and end up attracting more shoppers? Surprisingly a lot of it has to do with the color you use.

It is important to note that every color has a meaning behind it and generates a certain emotion. Therefore, it is not really the color behind a buying decision but an emotion generated or evoked by that specific color.

Selecting and blending the right colors for your blog involves much more than choosing your favorite colors and adding them. For every color you choose to use you should have a good reason why you chose it.

Just as you hire a writer to write content for you, working with an experienced online marketer helps most of the time. In this article, we will discuss seven of the best tips to choose the best color palette for your blog. Here is number one!

The three color palette

It is usually good to stick to a three-color palette. Any color added to this will look chaotic or be confusing to your target market. First, start by choosing two colors that are loved by 95% of your target market and blend in with each other. Once this is done, you can choose the third color. Most of the successful organizations in the world such as Coca-Cola, Dell and McDonalds use this system.

You can also use a logo if you have one. Ensure the colors you use are similar to the logo’s so that there can be consistency. And that is consistency in your brand. A marketing expert can help you check if your colors are consistently similar to how the best writers use Proofreading AssignmentGeek Service. If you neither have a logo nor your logo does not have a color, then there is work for you.

Before deciding to use any color, get to know its meaning. Only use colors that will communicate value to your target market.

Know the meaning of your colors

Every color has its own meaning. And they largely affect a buying decision. Even children understand this. You will notice that they tend to prefer a certain product even without knowing the reputation of the manufacturer. It always about the colors.

Also, paired colors create a totally different meaning from each and every individual color used.

Here are some of the meanings of different colors.

Yellow – optimism or youthfulness (mostly used as an attention grabber)

Red –  energetic (used to create urgency or to show a reduction in price or discounts)

Blue – professionalism or trust (used by most businesses and banks in the world)

Green –preservation or store of wealth (used to help people relax)

Orange – aggressiveness (used to create an urgency to make decisions)

Pink – Romance and feminism (used on products that are bought by women and girls)

Black – Authority, power (used on most luxurious products)

Purple – calming or comforting someone (used on most beauty products for both men and women)

Understand your target market

Do you know your target market? Who is most likely to buy your product or service? What colors appeal to them most? These are crucial questions that you should ask yourself. Understanding your target market will help you make better decisions and thus have better results.

Ask the people who visit your blog or social media page questions. Create a debate or a contest. While you keep them entertained and engaged, you will get to know them better and ultimately do only that which makes them happy. And a happy customer will come back with three more customers for you. Customers are effective marketers.

Age of your market

Age is an important factor to consider while choosing the color palette for your blog. Why? Because a person’s preferences normally change as their age progresses.

For example, when you were a child, you probably loved a certain color and least preferred another color. Say you loved color red or orange and you disliked color black or purple. Today, you find yourself driving a black car or wearing a purple dress. Every age group has a favorite and a less favorite color. Get to know the age group that is likely to buy your products so that you can use the right colors.

Let the internet help you

With the rapid advancement in technology today, everything you do is quite easy. And most answers to basic problems have been found. And that includes the color palette of your blog. If you find yourself stuck somewhere, the internet can help. For example, let say that you cannot seem to find the best primary color to use.

Just as an experienced writer uses EssayWritingLab to write quality essays, Grasshopper can help you out. You only need to take a short quiz where you will be asked to describe your consumers and the product you offer. It is a fast and easy exercise that will eliminate confusion and help you take the right path.

Eliminate your preferences

When it comes to choosing the color scheme of your blog, put your customer first. Use psychology rather than personal preferences to make decisions. Sometimes, your preferences can hinder you from making sales and growing your business. It is best to separate yourself from your business. Your business has its own identity.


You don’t need to be an expert to create an effective color scheme. It just involves getting to know the meaning and the emotion behind every color you think of using. Understand your target market. Let your target market tell you which color(s) they love. Forget about your preferences when working for your business. Use online tools to help you choose and blend colors well. Once you follow these tips, you will find your blog ahead of 80% of the blogs in the world.

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