Can AI Help You Plan?

Technology has come a long way in recent years. One aspect of technology that has come to be rather impressive is artificial intelligence. It has come into our lives in every form from GPS apps to the spam filters in email inboxes and even to smart refrigerators that let you know when you need more groceries!

While these are impressive, they do prompt a rather broad question: how far can it go? Can it handle planning and entire University Course Program?

What Is AI?

The first thing that needs to be deciphered is what AI is. While many know that it is a form of advanced technology, this is still a rather vague definition. Actually, artificial intelligence is precisely what it sounds like. It is technology that is created with the purpose of imitating human behavior. For instance, it can complete human tasks and, in many cases, it is designed to “learn” as it goes.

How are Technology and AI in the Classroom Now?

It is important to note that technology is already available to students and instructors in the classroom. An instructor now depends on SmartBoards and high tech displays more than a traditional projector with transparent sheets or chalkboard.

Students can also access academic help thanks to technology. If a student finds themselves struggling, they can take advantage of a write my essay online service.

AI is also available in the classroom to help students find academic help such as Brainly. This software works as a social media platform where students can ask questions. The AI in the system then filters out unrelated “spam” answers to ensure the student gets the information they need.

Can AI Think Like a Human?

Of course, even if AI can create elaborate plans, can it take into account the human thought that goes into course creation?

In fact, AI is learning to think in the same way our brains think. However, these software work in the way our brain does without being bogged down by symptoms like fatigue. It means that they have the potential to work just as well as a human mind at peak performance without having to stop or get distracted.

The best example of how AI can “act human” is Google’s DeepMind. This technology is based on neuroscience in the first place so, it was meant to work like the human mind from the beginning.

Can AI Plan?

On the topic of DeepMind, this software can be used to answer the question as to whether or not AI can be used to plan. While DeepMind hasn’t been tested against educational planning individually, it has been used in essential industries to make important plans.

The most notable form of AI use that shows the potential, is its implementation by the University College London (UCL) radiotherapy department. Correctly, it has been used in cultivating health care plans. The department has noted that when using DeepMind to help with processing a patient’s head and neck, it cuts hours off the planning process. As a matter of fact, they’ve noted that it lowers the planning process from 4 hours down to an hour.


AI has already shown that it has great potential in the process of planning. If it has been trusted in something as absolutely crucial as healthcare, it only makes sense that it would be able to create a course program for a university.

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