Transforming a WordPress site into a Mobile Application with Plugins

It’s a well-known fact that the mobile app sector is going through a boom. It was reported that, the majority of internet consumption in the US is directed from mobile users.

The same trend is behind the popularity of responsive design in the recent years. In a recent survey, it was revealed that 65 percent of mobile traffic originates from mobile apps.

The point here is: regardless of whether you have a mobile-optimized website, there is a chance you might miss out on a lot of traffic if you are not considering a mobile app development.

Here are some of the best Plugins to transform a WordPress site into a mobile app


AppPresser is developed based on the Phone Gap framework under the ownership of Adobe and can be integrated with WordPress for both Android and iOS apps. That implies common WordPress features can be made available in the final product — such as access to the backend, Buddy press integration, image upload, and more.

AppPresser empowers you to build anything from content-based apps to fully functional ecommerce stores and offers various plans as per the functionality.


What’s intriguing about this solution is that it empowers you to develop native Android and iOS applications. That way, you can get your applications into the Google and Apple stores more easily. Some of the key functionalities of MobiLoud include offline access, the capacity to include ads for monetization, and push messages. Moreover, it can also manage WordPress functions like accounts, custom post attributes, and comments.


WiziApp was launched in 2010, and their pitch was direct. Utilizing their pre-built/in-built themes, you can transform any WordPress site into a native mobile app. Through WiziApp, you can easily create a web app once the plugin is installed and the plugin options are clear and simple. They handle the apps visuals, post appearance, navigation bar, sharing settings, and analytics.

The preview option in the WordPress customizer helps in modify options and go through the changes in your browser.

What’s in Store for Future

In the forthcoming years, the integration of the WP REST API will probably result in more WordPress-mobile applications.

Since the JSON format is compatible on both iOS and Android, transforming a WordPress into a server to pull the content is no more an issue.

Summing Up

Mobile traffic is an area that should be exploited, which website owners disregard at their own peril. Other than offering responsive design, having a mobile app for your website is a move towards a growing business sector that guarantees conversion, leads and eventually sales.

The Plugins, we discussed in this post helps in developing WordPress apps more easier and affordable, and the WP REST API will make it a trend in the future. So, entrepreneurs and website owners have few reasons not to indulge into the mobile app market.

Arjun P

Arjun is a SharePoint mobile app developer with a clear interest in technology now focusing on Digital Marketing. He wants to work with people that have the same interest, the same motivation. He always digs for intuitive knowledge with a technological insight.

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