Benefits of Migrating from SharePoint to WordPress

Majority of the users are still using SharePoint and Office 365 for their work processes. But the time has come to adopt an alternate approach. The main reason for this migration is that it wasn’t easy for users to work simultaneously since the SharePoint platform wasn’t easy to manage.

Microsoft has been sending a clear message that open sites aren’t the main focus for SharePoint or Office 365 for now. WordPress, on the other hand, is inexpensive, popular and has an excellent community support.

An exceptional advantage of the WordPress over SharePoint is that you can automatically share your work in social media’s compared to the manual work in SharePoint.

Migrating the Blog

The biggest aspect of the migration process is the blog content. You don’t want to lose any of your blog posts or comments. While conducting the migration in SharePoint, it is vital to ensure that the URLs didn’t change excessively.

To begin, you need URLs to the source of destination blog, along with credentials to the destination blog. Since most websites are unknown, you’ll likely not have to fill in the source credentials. The migration begins by hitting the button “Migrate Content. It will recall the last entries for the URLs and login names, whenever you need to perform multiple runs.

Plugins for Perfection

WordPress is a blogging site transformed into a search engine. So it has a different set of highlights than SharePoint but WordPress lacked some key features that SharePoint offered, but there are plugins available in WordPress that could rectify such issues. Here’s the list.

  • Akismet – An anti-comment spam tool to block spams
  • All-In-One Event Calendar – A solution that enables to host the public events and views on the homepage.
  • Default Feature Image – if you don’t have any default images in the content, then you can set a particular picture as the default one.
  • Gravity Forms – A tool for form management. This tool helps in sorting the article listing on the site.
  • Gravity View – This is a listing device that permits you see the information put in by Gravity Forms – so this powers the articles postings and books.
  • Jetpack – This is a combination of tools offered by It enables you to do things like a look into insights, related posts etc.
  • Redirection – As mentioned, this tools helps in redirecting and send alerts on broken links.
  • Yoast SEO – This is an SEO biased tools to optimize the page in an SEO friendly manner for better reach and traffic.


With this SharePoint Migration to a WordPress solution, you can now migrate every bit of the content and customize the WordPress as you would like, using the Plugins that you like and need to your site.

Arjun P

Arjun is a SharePoint mobile app developer with a clear interest in technology now focusing on Digital Marketing. He wants to work with people that have the same interest, the same motivation. He always digs for intuitive knowledge with a technological insight.

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