How to Make Your Content SEO sing in 2018

SEO is a never-ending race and it’s important to always stay updated with Google’s latest trends and algorithm changes. When it comes to content, it’s incredibly important to understand User Experience, Keyword Density, and relevance when writing a new piece for your website, especially if you want to organically rank in a very quick way. It’s also very important to understand the power of anchor links, that many are underestimating, especially if they are external. Let’s break down how to implement winning strategies when setting up a new WordPress website.

Content That Boosts User Experience

The most important part of every single blog post is its content: optimizing headings, paragraphs, and even images are the most important part when it comes to writing a new blog. Google doesn’t actively understand if your content is relevant to your page, but acknowledges the fact that your pieces are clear and easy to read.

To better understand the above statement, let’s take a Wikipedia page into consideration. Google developers have confirmed multiple times the fact that their idea of “good content” reflects the way Wikipedia is presenting its pages. Wikipedia separates its content by using H2 headings that tell the reader what the paragraph is about, and uses keywords that are usually also included in the paragraph itself.

Therefore, it’s really important to do proper keyword research that has to be focused on the term that you are actively chasing in terms of rankings. The combination of user-friendly content and headings optimization is the best way you have to quickly optimize your existing content.

Keyword Research, In Detail

WordPress doesn’t have a native app that lets you run a detailed keyword research, therefore Google’s Keyword Planner is still the best tool when it comes to this matter. Many are approaching keyword research in the wrong way: by choosing the keyword(s) that has the highest search volume, you will also put your content in a very competitive world, which will end up in an almost-non-existing ranking potential.

If you want your content to organically rank on Google by simply using keywords, then you must pick those keywords that have low search volumes and also low competition, in order to almost instantly start to rank for those.

Yoast SEO: Is It Still The Best SEO App For WordPress?

Yoast follows general guidelines that are not usually up to date with Google’s latest trends. Yoast is great for general Meta Title and Description submission, and to monitor your overall keyword density and relevance, but sometimes it deeply fails when it comes to headings and user experience, which (at the moment) doesn’t have a dedicated meter or a native app in the CMS.

Mobile Friendly Content

When it comes to writing product descriptions, it’s important to understand the fact that 70 percent of the overall ecommerce world’s conversion rates are coming from mobile. Therefore, having a small description (generally not more than 400 words, on the page) will also boost the mobile user experience. This is something that many mobile app development companies are focusing on at the minute, which also gives us a deep market insight on the matter.

To Conclude

In order to have great content, you must simplify your architecture and the way it is presented to your impressions. Once your content reaches a very consistent user experience, you will be able to organically rank for the terms you’re chasing.

Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is a Manchester based business writer who writes in order to better inform business owners on how to run a successful business. You can usually find him at the local library or browsing Forbes’ latest pieces.

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