WordPress Automation Tools and Tips

Web marketing requires the implementation of various web development tactics and tips that will improve your overall web reputation on the Internet. During my first years of web development, I had to set and adjust everything manually, and it lasted until I have realized that WordPress offers a lot of features that can automate various processes and tasks. Web automation has made considerable progress, and it can offer many useful tools that you can utilize and use as your advantage.

In the web development world, everything is possible, but things are far from easy. The ultimate success comes with a careful planning, business intelligence as well as hard work. This means you will have to work hard to become a successful authority in your niche.

The path to the success in the web industry is paved with a hard work, good optimization, and utilizing of few tricks and techniques from the experts in this industry. The right automation software and plugins can give you more freedom to focus on creativity and planning. Besides the fact that you have much more time for other things to focus on, WordPress marketing automation will make you happy when you see the results you get after the utilizing of the automation tools.

What Are The Best WordPress Automation Tools?

There are a vast number of automation tools and plugins that will make your WordPress experience more comfortable! Some of them are free to use plugins, while some of them will cost you a few bucks. However, the cost is not high at all, since the tools and plugins will do some work for you and make your web development easier. So let’s start with WordPress automation.


This is a well-known WordPress tool that ensures that your blog or a website is available for comments. It monitors the incoming comments, as well as addresses, and eliminates any potential spam comments. This is a must-have tool for all WP users!


Working with long subscription lists can be exhausting, especially when you need to check the expiring licenses and keys. It takes a lot of time to find those manually, not to mention that you need to send them an email regarding the expiring key. In case you have a huge list of subscribers, there is no better way than to let them know their licenses are expiring than sending automatic notifications.

Yoast SEO

SEO optimization is crucial for a good and well-ranked website. As I have been working with WordPress for more than five years, I have to admit this is one of the first plugins I install on a fresh WordPress website or a blog. Although it is not enough to install just this plugin to perform a good SEO, it provides an SEO grade per each page or a post so you will have good feedback on what you are doing.

WP 101

I strongly suggest you install this plugin first. It offers useful and detailed tutorials for website development. The best thing about it is that it is updated automatically with each update released. There is no need to worry about updating your client on all the features that are updated in the latest version of WordPress!


This tool represents a remarkable way of identifying the actions of your visitors while they are on your website. You can see where they click, tap or even their scroll behavior. It can be downloaded and used as a trial version, but I strongly suggest you buy this one. It is worth money!

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