Best Practices To Revert Abandoning Visitors Via Popups

There are so many possible reasons why your website visitors leave your site without making a purchase. The products offered on your store may not seem interesting to them, or their expectations may be too high.

This is why you must take care of the way you’re offering your product and the way you organize your website. Every single detail is important in the improvement of the conversion on your site.

If your website is easy to follow and your product is displayed in an appealing manner, and customers are still leaving, it might be time to consider popups. Popups are one of the most effective and multi-functional tools to improve the look and feel of your website, entirely.

So many use cases are available that show the effectiveness of popups.

Let’s look at some of the ways popups can help revert customers, and how to utilize them for your site.

Offer help & bring them back

Site visitors leaving your site without buying anything can be really irritating. Especially, when you have good stuff offered on your site, with competitive pricing. So how can you make them stick around?

Exit Popup is a great tool for preventing bounce rate. The popup appears just as they try to leave the site. And if you display an excellent offer in the exit popup, the visitor will not only hang around but maybe make a purchase. This way you’ll decrease the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate on your site at the same time.

In the popup, make sure you communicate a deal or an alternative way to buy your product. The whole point is to help your customer buy something from you. Make the language very simple, and let them know you value them as a customer. This will not only build a connection between them and you, but will also help you improve your service.

Free stuff? Yes, please!

One option is to entice customers with a coupon or discount offer, but another even more effective tactic is to offer free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff, even if they don’t accept you’ll reduce the bounce rate keeping their attention for at least a couple of seconds.

Offer free shipping to any shopper and you’ll not only bring them back to your site but might also end up selling more products.

This is the most effective practice to gain more shoppers on an eCommerce (or any other online) store. Many shoppers step back from finalizing their purchase just because of expensive shipping prices. So why not attract them with free shipping offer?

Keep in mind that the important thing with this kind of popup is to allow the customer to make their own decision. Don’t be too pushy. Let them choose if they need your offer or not.

Include 2 CTA buttons in the popup, allowing them to select to stay on your site or leave it.

Users appreciate it when they are given a choice. Chances are they will opt to take the offer rather than leave the site.

Share advice and sell more!

All the online store owners are familiar with users who look around for a long time then ultimately leave without purchasing anything. This can be really irritating. One may think, “why are they spending so much time on the store just to leave?” The answer is easy, actually. They can be overwhelmed by the vast variety of the goods offered in the store, and could benefit from some advice on what to buy.

Why not become a kind of a “substitute” of a real-life shop assistant online?

Use a popup to showcase an outfit, or show a variety of soap scents that are complimentary. If people see some inspiration they are more likely to buy more items. Don’t have this pop up appear right at the top, but after a set amount of inactivity.

This will not only help them with making up their minds but also demonstrate your knowledge of the product. This may give some authority to your store, and hopefully, inspire customers to buy more.

Engage with sales

Shopping cart abandonment is a real thing. People come to the site, pick out some things they want but then ultimately don’t buy anything. The reasons vary, but the most probable one is that your prices seem to be high for them.

This issue is quite easy to resolve.

Create a shopping cart popup with a discount code. Use the On scroll event as a clever trick, to show the popup only when they reach to the pricing section of the page. You can also set some delay for this popup, so if a user comes to the pricing section and doesn’t immediately buy the product, only then they will be offered the discount to assure selling the product.

This will greatly increase the chance of selling more of your products on the store and you’ll increase the number of your reverted visitors for a lot more in a short period of time.

Downloadable content

This one is for bloggers/writers.

You’ve got good stuff on your blog, filled with interesting info and attractive images, but still have problems with abandoning visitors? Well, this problem is quite fixable.

Build a connection with your users, offering them more, your expertise. A customer is more likely to stay with a company that knows about their product. An easy way to create authority is just to write about what you know, your products. Offer free downloadable content like white papers and ebooks. These will put you at the top of mind of potential customers, and prove that not only your products are great but your knowledge is too.

Just when they are reading your blog posts, you may show an on hover popup, offering them a free ebook to be sent to their email. They just hover over an element on the page, and “voilà” a popup appears on the page.

So they’ll have to just add their email address in the simple form and click to receive the ebook for free.

This practice will help you grow your mailing list, gain more readers, and increase the conversion on your site.


Summing up the popup tricks mentioned above, we can surely state that popups are the ultimate magical tools to stabilize a website and revert more abandoning visitors to the site.

Various popup triggering events like exit intent, scrolling, hover, and inactivity are the best helpers in getting attention from visitors and making them hang longer on your site. These popup triggers not only help to reduce the bounce rates on your site but also provide guaranteed ways to convert those visitors into your customers and subscribers.


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