Doc Pop’s News Drop: Mass Deletion of Unused WordPress Plugins

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There are over 9,000 plugins that have been approved, but the developers never uploaded the code. It’s believed that many of these developers submitted their plugins just for free security review or just to squat on a plugin name. So the WordPress Plugin Review Team have announced they will start deleting these “unused” plugins from the repository.

This week we’ll talk about a few of those unused plugins plus we’ll have some news from our friends at WordCamp Europe. 

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As of today, there are 55,210 plugins in the WordPress repository. These plugins are what make the WordPress ecosystem so powerful and modular, but did you know there are over 9,000 plugins that have been approved by the plugin review team, but the developers never uploaded the code?

That’s why the WordPress Plugin Review Team have announced that they will soon begin deleting unused plugins from the repository. Just to be clear, these aren’t plugins that haven’t been updated or installed lately… the term is specifically referring to plugins that have been approved but the developer never uploaded the code.

The idea is to stop people from squatting on domains and make sure if a developer registers a plugin, they are uploading that plugin to the repository. If a plugin hasn’t had code added after 6 months, it’s going to be deleted. And if you keep submitting multiple unused plugins, the team will start marking all of your submissions as pending.

According to Mika Epstein, the head of the review team,

“Every time you submit a plugin, a human being downloads and reviews your code. If you’re submitting with out a plan to actually use the hosting, you are abusing the finite resources, and taking away from everyone else who is using the directory. Worse, we’ve found out some people like to get a review as a ‘free’ security review instead of hiring people for that work,”

That’s not cool y’all.

Emily Schiola has a great post about this on, which you should check out for more information.

Now let’s check in with Jenny Bueamont, the lead organizer of WordCamp Europe to hear what’s new behind the scenes.

Thanks Jenny!

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