How to make your WordPress Posts go Viral

An awesome blog is a sure-fire way to bring attention to what you’re doing, share your experience and expertise with others, and, of course, make a living. All these goals cannot be reached unless your posts are super popular. Getting the word out is the biggest challenge every beginner blogger faces, and often it becomes an insurmountable issue.

No worries, though, we are going to find out what it takes to make your WordPress posts go viral right now and teach you the truth that will serve you well on this journey.

Write Epic Content

This is the only real way to become a popular blogger. Google won’t like you until you produce awesome content that people find useful. Content is indeed king! People are constantly looking for something they can benefit from, so you should become a provider of really helpful information.

However, even the best content in the world will go unnoticed if you don’t provide a spark that will get things going. Here’s how to do it:

  • Optimize your posts with keywords. Use Google Keyword Tool to define the most popular search terms.
  • Proofread your posts multiple times. “A blog post with errors makes you look like an amateur,” says Nancy Greenberg, an editor from AWriter. “Many blogs crash and burn every day because of that.”
  • Add visuals. Many people are visual learners, so having quality pictures is a must. This article about 21 websites with breathtaking free stock photos can be used to locate stock photos, but always aim for original visual content.

Share on Social Media

This is another integral part of every blogger’s arsenal. Before you create your first blog article, decide what social media platforms you’ll be using to share it. Going mad and sharing it on all of them won’t work because it will earn you the status of a spammer.

So, here’s what social media sites are good for:

  • Pinterest – for visual materials like infographics and images
  • LinkedIn – business-related content
  • Facebook – entertainment, how-to, news, reviews, etc.
  • Twitter – design, business, news, entertainment.

Interview an Awesome Person

Pick up an interesting person who is also relevant in your niche and ask them for an interview. Create questions that the person and your target audience find interesting and present some of them in your interview proposal.

This person could be a well-known blogger or a CMO. By interviewing them, you can get free quality content and more visitors to your site. Moreover, the interviewee might also place the link to the interview on their own site, which means more traffic.

Here are 10 tips for creating awesome interviews for bloggers on Incomediary to get started.

Create How-to Articles

As mentioned above, people are always looking for stuff that can help them to get something done. So you should be one of the sources that provide that! Just describe how they can accomplish something, go into detail, and cover the topic in-depth.

Here’s how to write a killer “how to” article from CopyBlogger.

Jetpack Publicize

You’re using the most popular and powerful blogging platform, so let’s see how it can help us to get some traffic. Jetpack plugin or Publicize module are two great options that allow automatic sharing of your blog posts on social media.

Ready to go Viral?

Feel free to play with these ideas and get your content out into the world. You’ll quickly see what is really working and bringing more people to see your content.

Nancy Spektor has sharpen her pencil at The Daily of the University of Washington. After graduation she decided to combine her business degree with her passion for written communication. Nancy writes about marketing strategies, content management and various other topics that she finds intriguing. If she is not composing on her laptop or notebook, you probably can find her playing with her dog Bok Choy.

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