Doc Pop’s News Drop: Flipping the Script on Hackers with the Coin Auth Plugin

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to flip the script on hackers and run cryptomining software on their computers? In this week’s video we talk about an app called Coin Auth which does just that.

We also talk about WordPress version 4.9.5 and we hear some great news about WordCamp Europe.

Love WordPress news, but hate reading? My name is Doc and this is Doc Pop’s News Drop.

This week we have another WordCamp Europe update from Jenny Beaumont plus a plugin that flips the tables on hackers, but first…

WordPress 4.9.5 was released last week. It’s a security and maintenance fix, so you’ve probably already updated, but if not. Be sure you do. You can find the update area in your dashboard here… and here’s footage of me pointing at how to find that same area… and here’s me pointing at me pointing at the area… and here’s me pointing again and again and again

4.9.5 is a security update which fixes 3 security vulnerabilities that were reported by the community. It also includes 25 other bugs. Security updates are not something you should wait to install, so be sure to check taht you are on the current version of WordPress.

Speaking of security, I remember the first time I ran a Security check on I was shocked to see that there were over a hundred attempts to access my website in the past 24 hrs. I thought my site was under attack, but then I found out that these types of low level brute force attacks happen all the time. That’s why it’s important to have a decent password and consider running 2-factor authentication on anywebsite.

So I was so happy when I heard about a new WordPress plugin called Coin Auth, which flips the table on hackers by running cryptomining software on their computers when they are trying to access your site. I chatted with Dustin Warren, who is a Senior Security Analyst at WP Engine, and creator of the Coin Auth plugin.

And finally, we have a brand new update from Jenny Beaumont, the lead organizer of WordCamp Europe. Take it away Jenny.

Retro futurism is my aesthetic. I can’t wait for WCEU!

Thanks for watching this week’s News Drop. What are you thoughts on using cryptomining to prevent brute force attacks? Is it ethical to hack the hackers? Let us know in the comments! We’ll see you next week.

Doctor Popular is an artist and musician living in San Francisco. As a full disclaimer, he is neither a doctor nor popular.

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