Tips and Tricks for Using WordPress for Digital Signage

Digital displays have entered a new era in the advertising arena. From static displays to dynamic displays, business owners today have so much to choose from as far as marketing their brands is concerned. Compared to simple advertisement solutions, digital displays guarantee more attraction.

Post-2010, several industries have embraced digital signage as a marketing avenue. Today, you will find digital signboards in hotels, corporate offices, and many fast food outlets. The ability of digital signage to support several media formats such as text, video and high-res photos makes it an awesome choice for promoting one’s business. Without a perfect framework, maintaining such would be a gruesome task. This explains why many of the signage designers heavily rely on WordPress as a platform.

Favorite CMS platform

Recent research indicates that WordPress powers 75% of the websites currently online. As such, it does not come as a great surprise when WordPress turns out to be a preferable CMS platform for most digital signage companies. WordPress presents an easier option for managing digital signage content. Selecting existing photos and incorporating new videos is made easier by WordPress.

Choosing the right WordPress design for your site is as important as investing in quality templates where signage is concerned. It is important that you choose highly responsive themes and appropriate plugins. To ensure your presentations perfectly adapt to various screen sizes, it is advisable that you keep off old, free templates. Even if it means investing money in quality WordPress templates, consider that for the sake of your customers.

Look for the right plugins

Signage experts agree that investing in the right WordPress plugins is one way of making the most out of this technology. Take your time to choose appropriate plugins for an easier time creating signage presentations. With a couple of plugins, you can undertake the process of creating digital signs in less than 10 minutes. With such plugins, one can easily extract information from his company’s website. At your disposal are the abilities to control the screens, include catchy texts and even add videos to enhance digital display.

WordPress allows you to continuously check for updates while controlling various content displayed in the digital signage dashboard. If you have difficulties coding, you can always turn to WordPress plugins to help you create amazing displays the easier way. Simple drag and drop procedures might be the only procedures you require to build amazing content.

In most cases, the available plugins will demand that you create digital signs from scratch. It might sound like a daunting task but with the right choice of plugin, one can develop a sense of personal touch when designing digital signs. It is an opportunity to customize the signs in the best way possible, not just for you but for the prospective clients as well. By blending creativity and uniqueness, you can create appealing digital signage signs.

Are pre-built layouts worth trying?

Compared to other CMS platforms, WordPress users have access to more pre-built layouts and templates. By exploring such opportunities, users can create unique, appealing designs. For the bigger companies that need dynamic digital signboards, this is an opportunity worth taking. From the available templates, you will find necessary guidance.

When dealing with pre-built templates, it is important that you consider a number of factors. For one, you should pay attention to the information hierarchy. Although much guidance will come from the templates, you need to ensure a perfect flow of the headlines, spacing, and general arrangement. Pre-built templates can be considered when using WordPress for digital signage if you are willing to go the extra mile of perfecting the process.

Settle on the right fonts

As much as digital signage focuses on content, we all know that the appearance and general presentation is what matters. At a glance, people can only spot what is attractive. Many designers agree that font ranks highest among the aspects you should consider. Be keen when choosing one from the system. Remember, you have the option of exploring online repositories if the ideal fonts you are looking for are not available in the system font collection. For a better experience, it is advisable that you choose themes that blend well with Google fonts.

Luckily for you, WordPress supports a plethora of fonts. You can take advantage and embrace large fonts that make your message widely visible. The truth is that potential clients should be able to spot your advert and comfortably read it from far. At the same time, you should be careful not to make the signs on digital signage TVgarish. Simply make them noticeable from far.

Balance the colors

It is important to understand the role of colors where WordPress digital signage is concerned. Each advert, depending on your industry and the setting, has a fitting color choice. For instance, you cannot afford to be flashy on a digital signage presentation in a hospital. In the same way, you cannot use plain colors in fast food joints or restaurants.

At the back of your mind, you should think about the potential clients. What would most likely attract them? Other considerations such as age must also be factored in. Remember, what works so well for preschoolers might not be appreciated by campus students. Even in doing so, always have the aspect of simplicity in mind. In most cases, you do not need to be flashy to obtain traffic through digital signage. The trick lies in creativity and flexibility.

What digital signage presents is an opportunity to advance your marketing strategies. By taking advantage of WordPress as a CMS, you can make amazing digital signs for your business. However, designers must take into consideration various elements when working with WordPress templates. At the same time, you should closely consider other aspects such as fonts and colors that might not seem so important and yet are so vital. At the end of the day, be sure to impress your target audience with the presentation!

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