How To Accelerate Your Conversion Process On Your WordPress Site

You may have an amazing product to sell or a great service to offer but if your website cannot convince web users to stay then it is bound to fail. SEO can bring in traffic but it cannot convert users into potential customers. This article will provide you essential tips to accelerate your conversion process.

We will consider WordPress here as this is the most widely used platform for website development and support. It is popular among millions of existing business owners and beginners alike, thanks to its user-friendly guidelines and simple design along with tons of available themes to help you along the way. The design of the website is equally important as the content it holds and improving it can make a lot of difference to your sales.

Tips to help you improve the quality of your website:

  • Use a simple theme-

When you start working on your WordPress website design, the first task you will encounter is to select a theme and believe me it is more difficult than you think just because of the vast majority of themes available to choose from. Never opt for anything too flashy or cluttered with too much info unless you want to scare the users away. Select a theme that is simple, eye-catching yet engaging.

  • Make an impact above the fold-

you must have often heard that ‘the first impression is the last impression.’ The first thing a user spots will determine whether he will stay or flee. Try to put important things on top, above the fold (after all that’s what brought him here in the first place) instead him scrolling down searching for his interests.

  • Avoid distractions-

Sometimes websites use lots of flashy plugins or unnecessary decorations just to make the webpage look more attractive. Avoid these at all costs, making the user search for desired information is a sure way of losing his interest and flipping over to more user-friendly websites. Keep the important info in plain sight where it is easily accessible.

  • Understand user’s needs-

You should always aim for engaging the users for longer durations, this should be your top priority after all that was the whole point of starting your website in the first place. For this, you really need to understand your users such as what age groups you are targeting, what are their needs, and what you can provide them. These questions will help your site become more user-centric.

  • Prefer conventional navigation system-

Another issue some developers run into is they don’t provide a conventional navigation system. By conventional, I mean keeping navigations in the head, links in the footer, and sidebars on the left. This has been a trusted method for long and users look for it without much thinking. Making it too complex and hard to operate navigation will even defer your existing customers let alone new users.

  • Use SEO to your advantage-

Search Engine Optimization is a great tool to bring in traffic to your site and knowing how to use it effectively to your advantage will greatly help you with your conversion rates. It can be put to use by using relevant keywords and content for mostly used searches and focusing on one topic or one item per page at a time which will prompt Google to place your site among top ranks thus bring the users directly to your website.

  • Use quality content-

Whenever it comes to content, always prefer quality over quantity. Users generally lack the focus to go through lengthy texts and nothing drives them away faster than the poor quality of your content. So always aim for content that is simple, precise and easy to understand.

  • Introduce interruption marketing-

Interruption marketing is a new term in the digital arena which I won’t say is easy to use but once you get the hang of it, will bring you the desired results. It basically works as a break from otherwise long content which sometimes gets pretty boring, but the use of sudden pop-ups or booth gimmicks can help your users from deviating from the content and help them convert into potential buyers.

  • Split-run testing-

Lastly, split tests or bucket tests or A/B testing is a simple test you can use before launching the final version. It works by creating two variables of your final product and testing both samples via a subject whose response will determine the effectivity of both variables thus enable you to make more precise decisions.


A WordPress website is a powerful tool in itself and when combined with SEO can take you long ways in your road to success. Above are some of the key design tips if applied carefully can greatly improve your conversions and help you speed up your journey.

Janet T Clinton is a web design professional working at Clap Creative, a web design company in Los Angeles. She has written several articles related to technology, e-commerce and entrepreneurship. You can follow her on Twitter as well @janettclinton.

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