The Hidden Gems Of WordPress

One of the most frustrating things about WordPress is that parts of the WP Admin are difficult to find – if not outright hidden. That makes getting things done not so easy or intuitive.

But as with any application, some elements of the User Interface need to be hidden or obscure for various reasons. Usually, it is because a function or feature is not frequently needed until it is. That’s when the hair pulling begins.

Don’t end up hunting around for that WP Admin element as if you’re looking for lost treasure. Here are the most common hidden gems of WordPress that sooner or later you’ll need to use.

All of the following are a part of WordPress Core and have nothing to do with what your theme or any plugin may add to your WP Admin.

WP Admin? That’s where you end up when you log into your site.

Screen Options

This is a little gem is hidden in plain view.  In the upper right-hand corner of just about every page in your WP Admin is a Screen Options button. It’s the way to modify whatever is on that page.

Here are some examples of what Screen Options are.

Drag And Drop Features

Did you know that parts of the WP Admin can be moved around to suit your needs?

I left out moving menu items and widgets into place because that’s probably more intuitive than what I showed in my video.  And keep in mind that some plugins have draggable elements that may not be so easy to see at first glance.

Hovering Over

I assume you know that you need to hover over the links on the right side of your WP Admin to see submenus. But did you know about this?

Not shown in this video, is that the same thing happens when you look at the list of your users. You’ll need to hover over a user’s name to edit or delete a user account within your site.

Bulk Actions? Say What?

Ever wonder what Bulk Actions do? When I first started with WP, I didn’t use it for a long time because I could not figure out what it was or how to use it.

I think it’s a bit obscure and not so intuitive. In my video, I show you how to use it to save time when working with multiple pages or posts simultaneously.

You’ll see Bulk Actions show up in various places in the WP Admin.  It’s a great way to update all of your plugins in just a few clicks.

What About Gutenberg?

This Spring, WordPress will roll out an entirely new editing system. It features a very clean workspace without a lot of UI that is hidden until you hover over some part of it.

The key concept behind Gutenberg is the use of blocks which allows various types of content to be inserted into blocks. In the years to come Gutenberg will usher in entirely new ways to create content and developer websites. Stay tuned!


What may be obvious to some WordPress authors, may be completely hidden or confusing to others. While that’s true to the design of any user interface, WordPress presents its own unique challenges. Overcoming those challenges will make it easier and more satisfying to use WordPress.

Bud Kraus

Bud Kraus has taught web design and WordPress for over 20 years in New York City and for his online students. He is the creator of the WP A To Z Series, a free WordPress training service. He works with small businesses and their sites too.

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