Slack: Be less busy.

The Slack tagline, it’s short and sweet but wow is it a bold statement. The incredible part….it’s actually true (at least that’s our experience but don’t just take our word for it there’s this too).

For those of you that haven’t met Slack before, let me introduce you. Slack is an open communication tool for teams, allowing for all your conversations to be stored in one place. One of the platforms biggest benefits; it offers a way to break down the various silos of information email creates.

There are many benefits to open communication between teams. Have you ever worked with an associate that suddenly drops off the radar? All that information and training you’ve passed along via email gone? Maybe your inbox is full of emails that you’ve been cc’d into to ensure you’re are kept in the loop? Well Slack is designed to remove these and many other barriers to closed communication and increase productivity.

I won’t go into details about all the benefits here as there are many posts about this already out there. What I will go into though is the new UK Virtual Assistant Slack Team that we have created and you are invited to join.

my VA company - UK Virtual Assistant Slack Group

A Slack Team allows for multiple ‘Channels’, which are theme based areas for real time discussions to be held. The UK VA Slack channels currently include #business-planning, #marketing, #motivation and #accountability among others. The list will grow as more people join, because…anyone can create channels. This allows the conversations to grow purposefully.

If you’ve ever thought “I need to test this Slack thingy out” or “I’ve heard about it but who do I communicate with?” Then this is a perfect opportunity to jump into a ready made group and test the water. You may find that once you’ve tested it you’d like to implement a team for your own staff, associates or clients. Joining the UK VA Slack Team also gives you the opportunity to gain experience with another platform, without having to go through the initial set up yourself.

How Slack Works

This is a great overview if you’re not familiar with the platform:

There are no limitations to the number of Slack Teams you can join so you can dip in and out as you need. You can also pick the Channels you want to be part of too. So you can tailor your Slack experience perfectly to your needs.

The intention for the UK VA Slack Team is to be a safe, collaborative space for like-minded Virtual Assistants to come together to have real time conversations. It may be that you’re looking for a little help with some new software, are you looking for a new associate or maybe you just need someone to chat with. The real time element of Slack offers some great opportunities for support and continued development of the UK VA industry as a whole.

Let’s chat.

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