The Successful Virtual Assistant State of Mind

One of the most important factors to becoming successful is in the way we think. We’ve all experienced those days where one bad thing escalates into another, and before you know it, you’re in a negative mood. Warning, red alert, people detect such an irritation by your body language or tone of voice. So why not change it? Instead of allowing yourself to turn into a big bad wolf, try taking a positive approach to situations which look like they might go downhill?

Changing your attitude and outlook makes it easier to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself for the day. Not only does it improve relationships and lift you, but you’ll notice how being positive improves your performance and motivates your thinking, allowing you to see the possibilities in life.

When you think positively, you start a cycle that you won’t necessarily notice at first:

  • You become motivated
  • Placing yourself into a better mood
  • Becoming happier
  • Trying out new possibilities
  • Acquiring more success

It’s important to remember, whether you are trying to impress people at a business networking event or are interviewing with a potential employer or client to be their virtual assistant, is your attitude – your “vibe”. This is not only true when interviewing in person, but by phone or Skype, the “vibe” or “energy” of your thoughts, feelings and attitude can be sensed by the other person. Being negative can become a habit of mind, or it can be little more than a failure of courage; because sometimes it actually takes guts to remain positive through setbacks. So start to change the way you view things. Occasionally you may take a nose dive but if you learn from those mistakes, it just increases your odds of success.

Learn to be more appreciative of the little things in life and take positive action, watch those tiny changes unfold for the better.

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