The Little Black Book of Virtual Assistants

I’m a VA and I’m looking for a Virtual Assistant who specialises in _______ to work with me on this latest project.

A very similar statement to the one above was the subject of a recent discussion in our Virtual Assistant Facebook Group.  The conversation continued with people adding to a ‘wish list’ of ways to find other VAs.  Suggestions included; searching by skills, language, timezone, and even associate status.  So today we’re proud to announce the launch of The Little Black Book of VAs from the Virtual Assistant Directory and you’re invited to join for free.

You can now create a free account and list the services you offer.  As well as the contact details you want others to see, the social profiles you promote, the timezone you are in, the languages you speak, a personal bio, company details, as well as your associate status.

So if you are looking for a VA to work with or want to advertise yourself to other Virtual Assistants, by setting your associate status to ‘Provide Associate Services’, then The Little Black Book is the answer for you.  Create a free Little Black Book listing here.

Virtual Assistant Directory Little Black Book User Profile

Your LBB listing will remain private for other Little Black Book members to search.  You have full control over what information is visible.  If you are looking to advertise your services publicly for greater exposure of your business then select one of our VA Directory plans.


Virtual Assistant Directory - The Little Black Book of VAs

To edit your LBB listing head over to your account page, where you can manage everything relating to your listings.  Select View Profile then below your name you will see the button ‘Edit Profile’.  Add the information you want listed and hit ‘Update Profile’.  If you wish to keep information hidden from members you can tick ‘Hide from Little Black Book Members’.  Remember your Little Black Book listing can only be viewed by other members.

The Little Black Book from the Virtual Assistant Directory will continue to evolve to fit the needs of the members.  We’d love to hear your suggestions for improving the service in the comments below.


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